You've got questions, we've got answers!

On this page are some frequently asked questions about Cub Scout Day Camp.

What is Day Camp?

Cub Scout Day Camp is often called “the camp that comes to the kid.” Day Camp is an organized five-day or three-day program for Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts conducted under certified and trained leadership, at an approved site. What is offered is a high-quality program brought to you by many dedicated volunteers at a reasonable cost! Cub Scout Day Camps are conducted in accordance with the established standards as stated in the National Camp Accreditation Program.

What is the Purpose of Day Camp?

We like to say that Day Camp is “an adventure with a purpose.” There are several purposes of the Day Camp program which include:

• Providing a continuation of the Cub Scout program through the summer

• Helping Scouts maintain their interest and needs

• Giving the pack an opportunity to meet a requirement of the Summertime Pack Award

• Assisting in the recruiting and training of present and future Cub Scout leadership

• Aiding in the progress of transition from Cub Scouts to Scouts BSA

• Strengthening den and pack organizations for a better year-round program

• Having fun!

Who Attends Cub Scout Day Camp?

Cub Scout Day Camp is a unique program; it is usually the first major activity for Scouts after graduation from their previous rank. At Day Camp, Cub Scouts begin to work toward their next rank in the Cub Scout program and we use the same ranks to identify age groups as your pack:

  • Tiger is for boys and girls who have completed kindergarten (Each Scout requires a Tiger Adult Partner)

  • Wolf is for boys and girls who have completed first grade (Every 5 Scouts require a chaperone)

  • Bear is for boys and girls who have completed second grade (Every 5 Scouts require a chaperone)

  • Webelos is for boys and girls who have completed third or fourth grade (Every 5 Scouts require a chaperone)

  • Siblings of registered scouts may attend Day Camp. Siblings follow the same age and chaperone requirements as scouts.

What Activities Will Be Available?

Advancement has always been an important part of our Day Camps. The Day Camp programs contains a well-balanced variety of achievements, electives, and activity badges as well as opportunities to earn belt loops and pins. Typical stations include Archery, BBs, Sports, Crafts, Cooking, Nature, and others. More information will be emailed to your Pack's leadership.

Do I have to be at camp every day with my child?

Yes and no.

If your child is a Tiger (boy or girl that has completed Kindergarten), then they will need a Tiger Adult Partner to chaperone them each day at camp. The Tiger Adult Partner can be you, the parent, or a friend or relative that you designate.

If your child is older than a Tiger, then the requirement is that a chaperone is necessary for every 5 Scouts in their group or Canopy. Typically, this chaperone requirement is organized by your Pack. Most parents that serve as a chaperone only come for one or two days so you don't have to take the whole week off from work. Many hands make for a light load.

Does Day Camp provide meals?

No. All campers, chaperones, and staff will need to bring their own lunch and snacks for each day. There are no refrigerators to keep the food cool. All attendees should bring their Day Camp Water Bottle with them each day. There will be water refilling stations throughout camp to keep everyone hydrated.

However, we will have a Trading Post open during lunch that will have drinks and snacks available for purchase.

Can I bring a wagon?

Yes. Many of our chaperones will bring a wagon to carry their group's belongings around as they travel from station to station. It is a good way to keep track of personal items. Nobody likes losing things or carrying a bunch of stuff around camp.

Will my child have fun?

YES!! The core of the Cub Scout Day Camp program is FUN! The chaperones and staff also have lots of fun too.

Where do I find the BSA Medical Form?

In our FILES section along with other important documents.

Will campers get dirty?

Probably. Day Camp is not conducted in a clean room. The campers will be outdoors and having fun, there may even be mud.

Do you have medical staff?

Yes. There will be a medical officer on premises at all times during camp hours as required by BSA. This medical officer may be a doctor, nurse, nurse practitioner, physician's assistant, EMT, or other certified, licensed medical professional.

What if my child can't attend every day of Day Camp?

If your child is only able to attend a few days of camp, you only have to pay $20/day. Please contact the Camp Director for special registration directions. Jaime Quinn, jq4scouting@gmail.com

What happens if it rains?

During light rain showers, outdoor activities will likely continue. In the event of heavy rain and thunderstorms, we will move all possible activities indoors. Some activities like BB guns and archery can't be moved indoors though. The Day Camp staff is always ready to adapt to the situation and they have contingency plans for adverse weather conditions.

My Pack has plenty of chaperones, can I volunteer elsewhere at Day Camp?

YES!! We love volunteers. We have a variety of stations that need adult and youth leaders. Please visit our volunteer page for available spots.

How Much Does Day Camp Cost?

The Day Camp fee is $85 per camper for five days. The Day Camp fee includes a camp t-shirt, water bottle, and patch as well as covering all insurance costs and program materials. Be sure to register soon!

  • $85.00 per Tiger/Wolf/Bear (5-day camp)

  • $85.00 per Webelos I/Webelos II (5-day camp)

  • $85.00 per Sibling (5-day camp)

Note: Registrations must be received by Thursday, May 7th to be guaranteed to receive a camp t-shirt.

How do I register my child for Cub Scout Day Camp?

Visit our registration page for details

What is the cancellation policy?

All fees are due with completed registration through Doubleknot or delivered to the Council office by the deadline listed on the registration page. All registrations are transferable within your unit's Day Camp registration, but not refundable.

I have more questions! Who do I contact?

The primary contacts are listed on each Day Camp's registration page.